The SMSF Academy presents, Campus Update: November 2017

Feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of the super changes? Don't worry, you're not alone. Things are busy (which can be good), but keeping up-to-date and working through the sheer volume of changes and supporting documentation required around the super reforms is extremely difficult. That's where The SMSF Academy can help...

Join us for our November 2017 update and find out how the Campus membership platform is helping professionals to not only navigate through the super reforms, but importantly allowing you to efficiently implement compliant SMSF documents built for you by specialists.

In this upcoming free webinar, Aaron will be demonstrating the latest features, new documents and more including:

  • how to leverage key software integrations with Simple Fund 360 & Class;
  • how to access over 60+ hours of accredited training to deal with the latest technical issues and strategies; and
  • details about our tools to you navigate through the super reforms;

Who we work with:

At the SMSF Academy, we work with small to mid-sized accounting and financial services professionals that have a focus on SMSFs to stay ahead of the curve. It is through technology and our SMSF specialisation that we have built the campus platform that provides training, SMSF documents and a range of tools to help professionals to implementation and focus on what they do best.

Your presenter:

Aaron Dunn, CEO & Co-Founder

The SMSF Academy

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